Being an accredited agency instills a confidence within the Menomonee Falls Police Department (MFPD). There is a consistency, continuity and certainty in the way we do business. This confidence emanates to the citizens, municipal government, and the law enforcement community. It promotes a culture in the department that instills professionalism, integrity, and honor. Adopting, training, and following the WILEAG standards lessens issues of liability, and allows our officers to use the proper discretion when serving the citizens. It garners a trust in the department from the community, increasing our effectiveness. MFPD is proud to be an accredited agency.

“I have always stressed to my personnel the need to be a professional and to be courteous toward the citizens being served. A department which treats citizens with respect will earn the respect back. It is only through true citizen cooperation combined with a well-trained professional police department that a community can maintain safety for all. Accreditation assists in this process.”

Police Chief  Anna Ruzinski
Menomonee Falls Police Department
Menomonee Falls, WI

As law enforcement officers, we have the most difficult, yet important and rewarding jobs in American society.  It takes a “dedicated officer with integrity and compassion” to be an effective law enforcement professional, but being this type of officer is just not enough.  In order to be thoroughly ethical and professional, all law enforcement officers have got to be fully trained to perform every aspect of their vast, ever changing responsibilities.  The tools needed to attain this heightened level of awareness and performance are found in the concepts of accreditation and risk management.

“The integration of a risk management program with accreditation into law enforcement daily routines will institute a new level of awareness of our job, our service and its positive impact on the community, our department and ourselves.”

Law enforcement accreditation is not a stand-alone program.  It is an integral core process of a risk management program that  includes the following elements: Effective Leadership, Recruitment & Selection, Training, Accreditation, Performance Assessment, Fair and Progressive Discipline, Cooperative relationship with City Attorney and District Attorney and Self-Analysis leading to Continuous Improvement.

Police Chief  (Ret.) Michael Jungbluth
West Allis Police Department
West Allis, WI


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