How do I apply for the full accreditation or Core program?

Who is eligible for the CORE program?

Contact WILEAG Executive Director Katie Wrightsman at 

Achieving accredited status is a multi-phase, self-paced process:

-A candidate agency signs up for the program by paying the $300 sign-on fee and submitting the application (above) to Executive Director Katie Wrightsman at
-Each agency adopts and implements the standards for the 6th edition.
-Each agency does an in-depth self-assessment to determine readiness for the on-site assessment.
-The WILEAG assessment team conducts an on-site review and presents findings, as well as recommendations, to the WILEAG Governing Board. The assessment team consists of one team leader and 2 assessors. The on-site is a three-day event that will occur Tuesday through Thursday.
-The WILEAG Governing Board grants accreditation to the agency or counsels the agency on the steps necessary to achieve accreditation.

Full Accreditation​

-A non refundable on-site setup fee of $150

-Agencies are billed post on-site for assessor expenses. This includes lodging, per diem and personal mileage. Average on-site costs are approximately $800.

CORE Program

-No costs for assessment. One assessor is assigned to your files remotely. 

Full Accreditation​

-Initial fee $300

-$650 annually (includes WI-PAC membership) 

- Additional costs for on-site fees every 3 years.

CORE Program

-Initial fee $100

-$350 annually (includes WI-PAC membership)

-A candidate agency signs up for the program by paying the $100 sign-on fee and submitting the application (above) to Executive Director Katie Wrightsman at 

-The agency develops and formally implements the policies needed to be in compliance with the requirements of the WILEAG CORE STANDARDS VERIFICATION PROGRAM following the 3rd edition manual.
-The agency applies for a review by submitting the required materials to the WILEAG Executive Director. Katie will assign one assessor to view and evaluate the files. Once completed, the WILEAG Board will vote on the agency's Core verification status. Following approval, the agency is committing to the ongoing upkeep of policies and proofs of compliance. There is a 3-year cycle of re-verification.

What is the purpose of the CORE program?

Corporate Sponsorship:

Gold $5,000

Silver $2,500

Bronze $1,000

Individual Sponsorship:

Platinum $1000

Gold $500-$999

Silver $100-$499

Bronze up to $100

Who can help us during the self-assessment phase?

What are the benefits of being accredited?

Contact WILEAG Executive Director Katie Wrightsman at 


7525 W. Greenfield Ave

​West Allis, WI 53214

The program is designed to serve smaller Wisconsin law enforcement agencies. It will be available to agencies serving Fourth Class Cities (cities, villages, and towns under 10,000 population) and Sheriff’s Offices serving counties with a county population of 30,000 or less. Also available for first time agencies regardless of size.

How much does being a member cost?

How do I become a WILEAG sponsor?

Use your surrounding resources and accredited agencies. Attend WILEAG training sessions. We hold 2 a year for both accreditation managers and assessors. 

In addition, use your included membership with WI-PAC. They are an excellent resource. 

How much does an on-site typically cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact if I have additional questions?

What is the CORE program process?

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a process whereby an agency is evaluated on the existence of and its compliance with prescribed standards. Colleges, nursing homes and hospitals have all had accreditation programs for years.

What is the full accreditation process? 

wisconsin law enforcement accreditation group

-A well-deserved sense of professionalism and pride by the agency, the agency’s personnel, and the community that the agency serves.
-Communities gain security in the knowledge that their agencies are well managed and utilizing the best police practices in the State of Wisconsin.
-Prosecutors have the assurance that enforcement operations and personnel are consistently well directed.
-Local officials know that there is an independent review and evaluation of agency operations.

​​Excellence  Integrity  Professionalism

The program serves 2 purposes for agencies that successfully participate:
-It provides independent verification that the agency is meeting minimum expectations in essential areas of operations and management.
-It serves as a stepping stone to full accreditation for those agencies that aspire to that level of professional excellence. 

The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG) has identified 65 CORE standards from within the 262 6th Edition standards in its ACCREDITATION PROGRAM.

These 65 select standards and the associated agency policies are at the heart of the program. They are focused on:

Key Federal & State statutory mandates related to law enforcement.
Requirements arising from case law.
Inherent issues related to high-risk law enforcement operations & Use of Force.
Sensitive areas involving community relations.