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"Accreditation is the most cost-effective and efficient way for an agency to assess the overall performance and service they provide to the public. The standards guide agencies to current best practices, but the process also allows agencies to identify problem areas, deficient policies, and potential areas of liability. Additionally, accreditation inherently improves documentation of performance as all staff participate in the creation and retention of proofs of compliance. Being part of the network of professionals in WILEAG and WI-PAC has kept us up-to-speed on the constant changes we have experienced within the law enforcement profession over the last decade." 

                          -Captain Colette Jaeger, Grand Chute Police Department

WILEAG Treasurer 

City Administrator Rebecca Grill

City of West Allis

WILEAG President

Chief Mark Ferguson 

Glendale Police


Mission Statement


WILEAG Secretary

Chief Deputy Todd Christopherson

Winnebago County Sheriff's Office

WILEAG’s primary mission is to offer a voluntary and affordable method of achieving professionalism through the accreditation of law enforcement agencies and to assist those agencies to better serve their communities.

Accreditation is a progressive and time-proven way of helping institutions evaluate and improve their overall performance. The key to any successful accreditation system lies in the consensus of published standards obtaining a clear statement of professional objectives.

WILEAG promotes excellence in law enforcement through participation in a voluntary law enforcement agency accreditation program. Accredited agencies demonstrate compliance with applicable standards covering all aspects of law enforcement administration and operations.

WILEAG Vice President 

Chief Dennis Nasci

West Milwaukee

Police Department

Why accreditation?

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“Promoting Excellence & Professionalism in Policing”

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