6th Edition

(Established September 2021)

6th Edition Manual

5th to 6th Edition Crossover document

​5th Edition

Established May 2016

Crossover 4th to 5th Edition

The WILEAG Governing Board gratefully acknowledges the participating members of the Wisconsin Police Accreditation Coalition (WI-PAC) and WILEAG Governing Board for their active role in the development of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group 5th Edition standards. Without their cooperation, dedication to the accreditation process, and volunteering of countless hours, this 5th Edition could not have been completed.

4th Edition
(Established January 2013)

3rd Edition 
(Established October 2008)

2nd Edition 
(Established May 2002)

1st Edition 
(Established January 1997)



Full Accreditation

Full Accreditation

Excellence  Integrity  Professionalism