Pictured left to right: Oshkosh Accreditation Manager Lieutenant Matt Harris, WILEAG President Mark Ferguson, and Oshkosh Deputy Chief Kurt Schoeni. 

Fond du Lac Police Department accepting their award.

February 2020.


2016 WPLF Conference (Wisconsin Dells)

December 2019- Baraboo PD Chief Mark Schauf, accepting his award from Glendale Chief & WILEAG President Mark Ferguson. Baraboo Accreditation Manager Sergeant Ryan Werner shown on the right who is also a WILEAG Assessor.

New Berlin Police Department accepting their award. 

January 2020.

Excellence  Integrity  Professionalism

WILEAG President & Glendale Chief Mark Ferguson accepting his award from WILEAG Vice President & Menomonee Falls Chief Anna Ruzinski 

January 2020.