WILEAG Executive Director
Email: admin.assist@wileag.info

WILEAG staff member providing guidance, forms and templates while serving as a liaison to the Wisconsin Law Enforcement
Accreditation Group Governing Board.​

WILEAG Dropbox - Free Access

WILEAG provides all its participating agencies secure access to files that will assist in completing the self-assessment process. The files include access to IACP model policies, IACP white papers, sample polices from WI agencies, WILEAG PowerPoints, 4th & 5th Edition documents, 1st & 2nd Edition CSVP documents, accreditation manager documents and Darlington/West Milwaukee CSVP assessor reviews.

Please contact the WILEAG Executive Director to be invited to this secure resource.

Wisconsin Police Accreditation Coalition

WI-PAC President
Captain Mark Ferguson
Glendale Police Department

​Wisconsin Police Accreditation Coalition is committed to professional excellence and serves to enhance the quality of Wisconsin law enforcement service through promoting and supporting the concept of police accreditation. Through information sharing, network development and collaborative trainings, we assist our member agencies in achieving their goal of becoming accredited.

Cities, Villages Mutual Insurance Company


 Access to up-to-date standards that have gone through legal review, the CVMIC newsletter, have staff trained as assessors (the level of understanding about accreditation goes up dramatically) and members can attend CVMIC / WILEAG co-sponsored programs for free.


Jerry Matysik
Regional Support Manager
Lexipol, LLC
Office:  949-276-9970
Cell:  715-828-6337

Policy Writing, Policy Updates, and Training. The training (Daily Training Bulletins) consists of real-life scenario-based training with an emphasis on high-risk, low-frequency events. The Daily Training Bulletins can be completed in just a few minutes. As Lexipol President Gordon Graham says, “Every Day is a Training Day.” Fee based on agency size. WMMIC and WCMIC each contribute to the costs of a subscription.

Deer Creek Technologies
Tom Frank
Email: tfrank@deercreektech.com


 DCT provides software applications (document management, training, early warning system) to assist organizations with increasing employee knowledge, lower agency risk, correct performance issues, and track use of force.   Many agencies are using DCT to provide proofs for WILEAG accreditation.  We have partnered with WILEAG to provide our document management software for the organization.  Our cost structure is affordable for agencies of any size.

 Custom Service Information-LLC
Tim Kriz, President
Email: csi-llc@hotmail.com

Policy writing, organization, guidance with proofs and/or role of Accreditation Manager. Fees range from $500 to $3000. CVMIC agencies get up to ½ half of that fee paid by CVMIC (up to $1500).


Email: sales@prophoenix.com

 ProPhoenix has a singular vision to shift the paradigm of the public safety industry by creating and delivering leading application software through the use of state of the art technology and techniques. They are achieving this goal by providing competitively priced solutions, employing best practices and lessons learned, and most of all by listening to the needs and ideas of our clients in the evolution of the Phoenix software.

League of Municipalities Mutual Insurance
Email: dennis@lwmmi.org

The following offer is specifically for the Core Standards Verification Program:
Insured members are reimbursed the cost of WILEAG membership for the first 3-years.



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